Screw the guest list…just elope

Yup, I said it. Elope and run as fast as you can while you’re at it. Anyone who has engaged in the guest list war, knows exactly what I’m talking about here. It’s a war on insanity, unnecessary sentiments and just bull sh1t.

Wait, so you mean I have to pay $$$$ for my uncle’s sister-in-law’s cousin who I never knew existed? Or a former colleague I haven’t spoken to since we graduated from elementary school 20 years ago; but I have to invite because I’m inviting other mutual friends (#insanity)?

The questions you need to ask yourself before saying yes or no to any of these is…if I got stranded today and needed some quick cash, can I call up this person and will they be there for me with no judgment or string attached? If you had to think about that for one nano second, then the answer is NO. They don’t deserve to be on your guest list and you shouldn’t be spending a dime on them. End of story. Period.


Yeah, yeah! I know saying No isn’t the easiest thing to do on earth. After all, you only get married once and it’s your dream day (#sentiments). Plus, saying NO means awkward moments with your friends and family members (#bullsh1t). Yeah I get it. But then having a happy and successful marriage isn’t the easiest thing in the world either and you need all the $$$$ you can to give you that head start.


So what do I say then, E.L.O.P.E. That is my new favorite 5-character word. Spare your $$$$ and use it as down payment for your mortgage, or a new car, or damn it…simply just do nothing.


…but if you choose to still go into the guest list battle field regardless, don’t come running to me because I would definitely turn my back at you and say I told you so!

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