Money Saving Tips for Your Wedding and Party

Your big day of wedding is approaching fast and you are trying to figure out how to stretch a dollar into a thousand. Everything costs more for your wedding than you expected initially, and now you find yourself trying to find ways to save money. No need to fret, because there are plenty of areas that you can save a few bucks. Below are some top ways to save money when planning your wedding and party.

Wonder what kind of wedding dress you should select? Consider a discount wedding dress rather than an extremely extravagant one. Some female are very picky about having the perfect wedding dress and this tip is not for you. For those that are not as concerned with this, you can find any number of beautiful wedding dresses at drastically discounted prices. If you are flexible in your wants for your wedding, you will quickly see the prices start to drop.

Consider having the reception somewhere else after the wedding. Often, the rental of the reception can be very expensive. Take away this huge cost, and it gives you a fantastic load of money to then use on other parts of the wedding. Alternate wedding reception areas can be someone’s home, or a park, or even at the local restaurant. The absolute best wedding reception that I ever attended was held in a backyard where they grilled up hamburgers, hot dogs and we all enjoyed volleyball and danced outside. It was just a blast.

Utilize the real beauty of the outdoors and when you have a wedding outdoors, the prices drop for several reasons. First of all, the venue is generally a bit more inexpensive in the first place. Secondly, the outdoors already has flowers and beauty all around therefore you need not have to spend a lot on flowers and decorations. The most beautiful weddings are outside anyway.

It would be a tremendous idea to wear your mother’s wedding dress and it is a tradition that holds very special memories. It also keeps you from having to spend any money on your wedding dress. If the dress needs altering a bit, you will still come out less expensive than you would if you spent money for a brand new dress. And this would also make your mother very happy.

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