Is it Appropriate for the Groomsman to Give the Toast and Not the Best Man?

Since both play vital role in your lives, it can either be the best man or any of the groomsmen who can do the honor of making a toast. Which one should to do it first would all depends on the bride and the groom.

A toast is the prelude to the entire wedding celebration. Wishing the couple for a bright and happy life ahead and welcoming them to a new chapter in their new married life.

Now, it is essential to recognize the different roles each of them play to know the reason why either of them may be invited to give the toast. Below are the respective duties and responsibilities of the best man and the groomsman.

Best Man

A toast means “cheers”, which is followed by wishing and congratulating the wedding couple. As with any other wedding celebration, the best man being a close friend or relative of the groom is given the privilege to make the first toast. It takes place generally just before the dinner formally starts; however, sometimes it is also possible to perform it on the last part. Aside from giving the toast, there are several other duties performed by the best man. He signs the marriage license, keeps the wedding ring prior to ring exchange and sits nearest to the groom during the reception ceremony.


Generally, the duty of a groomsman is to support the groom with all his needs throughout the wedding ceremony. He is like his personal assistant, an usher, the errand guy, the escort and the accomplice of the best man. With these many roles he performs, it is obvious that a groomsman is someone whom the groom counts on and; therefore, should be regarded as one of the significant personality. As a gesture of appreciation, make sure his presence is acknowledged by making him toast at the wedding.

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