Important Duties of the Maid of Honor

It’s never been an easy choice for the bride to choose the Maid of honor. This is the reason your role in the wedding is extremely important!

Getting married and being the bride is stressful (believe it or not) therefore the bride is going to confide in you to help her with practically EVERYTHING. And yes, the bride means a lot to you, therefore help her make one of the most important days of her life the most memorable. You are going to be the brides ‘right hand man’ if you will. Helping the bride pick, organize and plan certain items, events and more.

Your duties and responsibilities depend on:

  • What the bride/groom particular requirements actually are.
  • What of the wedding planning needs to be done.
  • How much help the bride actually require.
  • If you’re the bride’s sister or one of her best friends in the whole world, she would most probably demand more from you.

Below are some of the main duties as the Maid of Honor:

  • Go with the bride and visit various locations for her wedding. You may also visit alone and if a certain place really stands out and seems to be perfect, take her to it.
  • Help the bride finalize her dress as well as the bridesmaid dresses. You would probably go with the bride to the local bridal stores in your town and maybe out of the town to help find the perfect dress for her.
  • Help the bride create a short list of vendors required for her wedding. To take this a step further, do some research on the vendors to eliminate the bad apples. Then, chat up the vendors to further understand the details and pricing of their services. You do that, and your bride will absolutely love you!
  • More importantly, it is your duty to ensure the entire wedding planning process is stress free for the bride. Be the listening ear and be the voice of reasoning when things become overwhelming.
  • Don’t forget the bachelorette / bridal shower. Your job is to help the bride plan one and ensure all the people she cares about are able to attend it. Try making it a surprise party, and your bride will love you even more.
  • Also during the reception you say your wedding speech! There are tons of tips and sample wedding speeches available online that you may refer.

maid of honor funny speeches

The Maid of Honor has a lot of responsibilities not only on the auspicious day of wedding but before and after the wedding as well. Remember it’s an honor to be the bride’s maid of honor, therefore help the bride with anything she needs because a wedding, let’s face it, is the most important day in one’s life!

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